20 October 2008

david mccullough - 1776

1776 || david mccullough || 3.5/5.0 stars

my first david mccullough book. i wanted to start out with john adams, but i listen to audiobooks and this is what the library had in stock for me. well-written, of course - as mccullough is known for his engaging prose (as well as his pulitzer prizes).

i certainly enjoyed the book, and it is definitely the first real study of the american revolution i've undertaken outside of elementary school. the descriptions of war in the dead of winter with a six-month communication lag with the enemy made me consider how significantly our world has changed in the brief 232 years the united states has seen.

i do wish that the book had provided a bit of a epiloge to cover the war post-1776. i'd expected a complete history of the war, but the book actually only covers the year 1776 proper. maybe i'm just woefully ignorant of the period's history, but i was looking forward to learning the specifics of famous moments - the crossing of the delaware, the treason of benedict arnold, the surrender of yorktown. the crossing of the delaware was most excellently covered, but i found myself on wikipedia to find closure on mr. arnold and the events of yorktown.

a classic to have checked off of my list certainly, but overall too specific for me. i generally prefer more sociologically-oriented history, and a broader perspective than the detail found in military history. perhaps john adams next?

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