29 November 2008

john bingham and jenny hadfield - running for mortals

running for mortals || john bingham & jenny hadfield || 3.5/5.0 stars

i've decided to try my luck with a second marathon, and picked this book up while looking for a training schedule book at the library. i was hoping for an overview to training, nutrition, etc - all the things that i probably should have a solid grasp on by now, but don't.

the book is definitely catered to the first-time athlete. most of the focus is put on motivation and confidence-building. i found the details i was looking for a bit skimpy, and generally felt that i wasn't the person for whom they were writing.

the writing is super-easy to read (maybe a bit too simple, but perhaps that adds to the confidence boost they're attempting). i read it really quickly, in just a few settings. i'd certainly recommend it to anyone just starting to run (or maybe just considering taking the first step). if you already jog or run, though, skip this one and try something else.

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