07 December 2008

do they know they've ruined christmas?

this time of year, its pretty easy to keep me happy. i'd consider myself pre-wired for holiday spirit and christmastime joy. one thing, however, has the power to throw me off into an uncontrollable rage:

how does this song continue to parade around as a feel-good anthem to the world? these lyrics are ridiculous and offensive, and really throw me off my good-mood game:

do they know its christmastime at all?
yes! they [being those suffering from the late-1980's famine in ethiopia and eritrea] aren't stupid, they are hungry.

well, there won't be snow in africa this christmas...
no kidding! the parts of africa that do receive snow are in the southern hemisphere. what does this have to do with anything? no snow = no christmas? i think i miss the point here.

the greatest gift they'll get this year is life
the greatest gift we all will get this year is life.

thank god that it's them and not you
WHAT?! no, i don't think i'll be thanking god for famine anywhere. what is going on with this song?

i understand the origin of the song lies in a good intention. my point is that is wasn't articulated very well. the lyrics reveals some disturbing truths to how americans approach global relief, and i think its high time this song loses its place in the holiday song rotation.

feed the world? of course we should. but not because it's christmas.

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