28 December 2008

favorites books of 2008

i read things much later than they are released... so only one of these is actually a 2008 book. but these are my top six of the fifty-five i read this year. not too shabby a number for two months on a bike, i don't think. i'd recommend any of these books hands-down.

1. everything is illuminated, jonathan safran foer
2. the old man and the sea, ernest hemingway
3. the namesake, jhumpa lahiri

1. the omnivore's dilemma, michael pollan
2. common wealth, jeffrey sachs (2008)
3. ghost map, stephen johnson

got a favorite from this year? i'd love to have a recommendation to start off 2009 right. just as soon as i finish off the three i'm in the midst of at the moment, of course... :)

happy reading!

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vpm said...

have you seen the movie 'namesake' based on the book? i watched it the other day. it was pretty good, but haven't read the book so i am not sure how they compare.
happy new year!