18 December 2008

a spot of bother - mark haddon

a spot of bother || mark haddon || 4.0/5.0 stars

i was quite surprised by this book! i really enjoyed his popular curious incident of a dog in the nighttime, but knew that a book like that can't be duplicated. a was a bit nervous, therefore, trying on a spot of bother. i was certainly rewarded!

its a wonderfully british book (and if you're an audio reader, like me, you'll appreciate a fantastic narration). the book is incredibly sad at points, wildly funny, and in general very enjoyable.

the story follows george, an elderly man, as he goes through a bit of a mental breakdown, and the rest of his family. all the characters are experiencing a bit of a life changing moment, and haddon adds depth by describing the same interactions from different points of view.

one of the best straight-up novels i've read in a while. definitely worth a look!

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