24 January 2009


i had a great time at inauguration. i metroed in, took in the atmosphere, chanted, lamented the boos, cheered the cheers, puzzled over the poem, moved en masse, sang, danced, froze, breathed in some history, and finally walked back across the potomac.

(1) facing the capitol (which is blocked from view by the jumbotron) just in front of the american history museum
(2) yours truly
(3) facing backwards, the crowd surrounding the monument
(4) post-inaugural walkers of the memorial bridge

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Marty said...

Oh God, I really thought nobody else realized how unintelligible the "poem" was. I was really trying to follow it, too. But it was one long string of literally random words. It hurt my brain.

The boos were more or less audible on TV, depending on what broadcast one was watching. I heard some on MSNBC. How loud were they where you were?

eped said...

loud enough that i was screaming "but thank you for peacefully passing along the presidency" at the top of my lungs.

(i will confess laughing at the singing of "na na na na, hey-hey hey, goodbye" to the helicopter, though)

Piztachio said...

My friend had a two-line solution to improving the poem:

I bought a chocolate milkshake
At the nearby McDonalds

That's all that was missing I think.

vpm said...

you neglected to mention the fantastic company you had for the entire day - i think that was really why you enjoyed yourself.

i still like the poem. i think it is going to be the topic of my next blog post.