24 February 2009

my two cents on tonight's speech

on obama:
1. thank you, mr. president for at least trying to talk over the clapping. members of congress, i hate you. please sit on your hands and control yourself. i'm trying to go to bed eventually.

2. when will preventive medicine and primary care receive their standing ovation? far more important and beneficial than cancer research, i'm still waiting for prevention to get its due.

3. oh my god, obama called out directly to potential high school drop-outs. this is amazing. if you haven't been in a high school lately, you probably don't understand the clout that obama has on these teens. huge, huge, huge. and a call for post-secondary education! huzzah!

4. there's a bit much of the "america is always right and deserves the best of everything" sentiment for my liking. for example, the line about 'this is america and we don't do what's easy, we do what's necessary to move this country forward.' how about 'we do what's right'?

5. no governing out of anger. rock on.

6. carbon control on a market system! yes!

on jindal:
1. i like the man's story, don't get me wrong, but i couldn't stop thinking of troy mcclure (you know, the filmstrip guy from the simpsons).

2. mocking volcano surveillance? this is inappropriate. i imagine mr. jindal would have appreciated some funding for improved hurricaine preparedness a few years ago. natural disaster planning is crucial, and i'm not ok with it being used as a political ploy.

3. on healthcare, i'm tired of republicans warning against government making the decisions for doctors. a government official is a much better option than a for-profit insurance company.

4. i'm down with a call for improved transparency. i wonder what the reviews will be like for recovery.org.

on both:
1. please remind your speechwriters not to end phrases with prepositions.

2. little stories about individual americans are overrated.

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Marty said...

If you drop out of high school, you ride with HITLER.