15 February 2009

wuthering heights - emily bronte

emily bronte || wuthering heights || 3.5/5.0

i was named for emily bronte. wuthering heights is her only novel, as she died at the young age of 30. having known nothing about the bronte sisters, i have to confess wuthering heights was not what i was expecting. i'd placed it in the same category as the austen novels, and that assumption is terribly off-base.

the novel is pretty depressing, and the characters for the most part are all messed up and cruel. i suppose the most basic story line is technically a love story, but its pretty dark. heathcliff is certainly no darcy.

the set-up of the book is interesting and rather unique - a set of stacked first-person dialogues. at any given point, it can be difficult to keep up who is speaking, who is quoting, who is listening, and so forth.

not my favorite classic, but definitely glad i finally got around to reading it. love that classic english voice.

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