07 March 2009

god's politics - jim wallis

jim wallis || god's politics || 4.0/5.0

this book comes to us from my "bought a long time ago and never actually read" list, a list that is tragically overpopulated.

i really enjoy jim wallis and his work in sojourners, a progressive christian magazine. this book was no different - lots of really great theological points on our political system.

unfortunately, the book was written in 2004 and so lots of his arguments are terribly out of date. i definitely should have read it when i bought it!

his main points are that the religious right is off-base in focusing efforts on individual morality and ignoring societal issues, and that the secular left is foolishly neglecting the value of spirituality. viva progressive community building!

lots of margin notes for me, which is always a good sign. i'm hopeful that he'll consider a new version, though its more likely we'll see a new book entirely.

my favorite line:
"...until all the children who died from hunger on september 11 are as important to us as those who died in the terrorist attacks, we will not be safe or secure." (198)

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