29 March 2009

never let me go - kazuo ishiguro

kazuo ishiguro || never let me go || 4.5/5.0

i enjoy starting a book with no concept at all about its content. it keeps me from having preconceptions, and adds a bit of surprise to the story development.

this was a great surprise book! set in an alternate future, never let me go creates a world very similar to our own, with the simple addition of a class of human clones. this subset of the population, which includes our narrator and main characters, is a group contentedly destined for organ harvesting.

the narrator expresses no anger about their situation in life, and though she describes some ethical discontent in others, its not the focus of the work. i loved the perspective the author gives us and the fact that we never hear from the "human" point of view. clearly there's an ethical crisis here, but the book breezes past it - adding greatly to the novel's realism for me.

the writing is engaging and page-turning, and the descriptions of her childhood enjoyable to read. i'm eager to try another of his books. definitely recommend this one!

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