27 April 2009

the accidental tourist - anne tyler

anne tyler || the accidental tourist || 2.5/5.0

thanks to an nine-hour stay in the lovely nashville airport this past weekend, i was able to finally (and speedily) read this book, recommended by a very good friend.

in fairness, i think the fact that reading this book was the only source of entertainment available may have made me a little angry or frustrated at it, and hurt my score a bit. i can certainly attest to it being a quick read though!

the story was certainly good, and the book is well-reviewed. its a bit out of my usual style, however. in reviewing books here, i've started to better understand my own tastes in reading. accidental tourist is too... realistic for my tastes. maybe too mundane.

that said, the ended surprised me, and i haven't quite decided whether or not i'm glad at how the ending turned out. apparently its been made into a movie - anyone seen it?

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Caroline said...

glad you got a chance to read it! i tend to go for the mundane/realistic books over the fantasty or (as we have established in BookIt) the mind numbingly detailed historical novels. haha! perhaps stay away from other anne tyler's if this wasn't your thing, since they all have the same sort of feeling to them.

mostly i liked that the dog in this book was named edward.. woohoo!