30 April 2009

the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay - michael chabon

michael chabon || the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay || 4.0/5.0

i'm always excited to learn about young and fresh writers. michael chabon definitely falls into this group - his body of work is still comparatively small, but all of his novels have been well-received and are together very promising.

the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay is incredibly creative, reaches to broad themes, and was a fun read. kavalier and clay are cousin comic book writers, jews in the period leading up to the onset of world war II. clay is a native new yorker, and is joined by his escape artist cousin kavalier, a refugee from prague.

their comic book adventures are just the start of their story, and the plot reaches through several decades. chabon covers so many distinct forms of loss that the book is heart-wrenching, but the cleverness of the writing balances the novel nicely. definitely recommend.

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Johnald said...

i've been wanting to read this one so bad! i will definitely get it, now that both you and warbles are giving it a thumbs up. can't wait to see you!!