24 June 2009

little women - louisa may alcott

louisa may alcott || little women || 3.0/5.0

despite my mother's constant urging, i never read little women as a kid. my overall impression? its hefty and dense, but definitely written to a young audience.

its a great story, and i'm looking forward to finally watching the movie version. somehow i've managed to avoid it all these years (i'm definitely a book-before-movie kind of girl), but i'm eager to check out the combined efforts of winona ryder, claire danes, christian bale, and kirsten dunst.

i have to confess i wasn't too crazy about the book. i think there are some novels that you have to have loved as a child to love as an adult. i do like to imagine that life was so hokey back then, even if my better judgement usually prevails.

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