29 June 2009

my revolutions - hari kunzru

hari kunzru || my revolutions || 4.0/5.0

my revolutions is the story of an ex-1960's revolutionary. the novel is told in the first person and set in present day, but features a long series of flashbacks which chronicle the speaker's time as a revolutionary and subsequent assumption of a new identity.

the main character is british, and was involved in a fictional extreme revolutionary organization during the vietnam war. his relationship with revolution grows from a curious student involved with the communist party to a group leader executing terrorist acts. at the height of his involvement, he abandons his group, fleeing the country and eventually reinventing himself as a run-of-the-mill family man.

i really liked this one - lots of drama (drugs, protest, love affairs, mystery) and a really heartfelt tale of self-searching and confused identity. lucky for us, kunzru is a young and rather new author.

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