10 June 2009

papillon - henri charrière

henri charrière || papillon || 4.0/5.0

papillon is the story of henri charrière's sixteen years on a french penal colony in the early twentieth century. condemned to life in prison and ten years of hard labor in french guiana, charrière made a series of daring escapes before finally achieving lasting freedom in venezuela.

throughout the book, charrière maintains his innocence of his initial crime. the truth of his memoir has been questioned since publication, but regardless makes for a very good story. sometimes haunting, sometimes thrilling, and at times funny, the book is a very engaging read. i liked it far more than i thought i would!

unrelatedly, if you've noticed i've been rather low on book posts lately... let's just say it has to do with a certain movie that premiers july 15. some books are just too good to be reviewed!

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