13 July 2009

a new perspective

most of you know by now that i'm going to spend the next year in the federated states of micronesia. i'll be on the island of pohnpei, teaching english at the college of micronesia. the nature of this blog will shift to talk mostly about my experiences there, and i anticipate that i'll be updating much less often. (although i'm hopeful that my posts will be much more interesting than they have ever been.)

i'm leaving tomorrow for honolulu, and then day after that for pohnpei. i'm not too certain about my internet access once i'm there, so i won't make any promises about when i'll be updating. but i'll do my best to post as often as i have the chance.

as for the past week, i've had a blast visiting with family and friends. some pictures below!

1) hiking in the sandias with bennifer:

2) mark, jacob, and kristin overlooking los angeles

3) visiting the tar pits of LA with claire and d.carmody

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