25 December 2009

merry christmas!

i hope you all have had a lovely holiday. judging from the pictures i've seen, it looks like the east coast is enjoying a white christmas. you can imagine that the weather here is quite different - please enjoy the snow for me!

i'm trying to hop on a cargo ship that is travelling to a few outer islands this weekend. if all goes according to plan, i'll have a chance to visit some of the most isolated places on earth - i'm excited!

as promised, some photos to sum up the first half of my year here:

1. the street where i live - part of my walk to and from school every day.

2. my every-day-of-the-week class from fall semester.

3. my office staff.

4. a traditional yapese dance in progress, celebrating christmas.

5. some boys playing on an old japanese radar array.

6. the star of a pig roast birthday celebration.

7. telecom decked out for the holidays.


Maggy Jeanette said...

Merry Christmas, Emily!

Jennifer said...

we miss you! great pics!