21 January 2010


since its been a while since i've blogged, a sample of journal entries from my new spring semester esl students. the first is one of my stronger students, the second , a girl after my own heart.

I really want to see my life like this after five years from now. First, after five years from now I see myself working. I will have my own house, my own car, maybe I will have a small family that I will adore, a family filled with lots of love and joy. I will also have my own money. The income or money earning can support both me and my parents. On that time there will be a strip dancers on my car and also I will have an helicopter. My helicopter will very special because there will be a swimming pool inside. So I will be the famous or wellknown person.

[Next to a magazine ad for lasagna] This picture can show, what I'm gonna talk about. I'm talking about a food. This is my dream to eat this food. If I eat reach where this food came from or who can made this for me, I think it will be a better life for me to have.

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Maggy Jeanette said...

I adore you. I miss you. I want to have something at our wedding to show who you are, even though absent, as an honorary bridesmaid. I already have a picture of us - is there a picture of you from Pohnpei that you'd like me to print/include?
PS - Right now I would give $50 to talk to you on the phone. If you told me how to phone you, I would buy an international phoning card.