11 April 2010

april 12

as of today, I have exactly one month left as a worldteach pohnpei volunteer. time flies!

i know that compared to the fall, my blogging has limped along this spring - in the normal way that travel blogs do, as adventure settles into the ordinary. i've been telling myself for weeks that i would blog as soon as i had news to report on my next step, but as nothing has solidified, i'll save that post for later.

instead, i present to you a synopsis of my typical week in pohnpei:
monday: morning run, teach from 8:30am-7:50pm, eat dinner and crash.
tuesday: hike sokeh's ridge, teach from 10:30-12:30, grade/lesson plan/run errands in the afternoon, play ultimate frisbee in the evening.
wednesday: morning run, teach from 8:30am-6:50pm, book (short story) club meeting.
thursday: hike sokeh's ridge, teach from 10:30-12:30, grade/lesson plan/run errands in the afternoon, go to aerobics class in the evening.
friday: morning run, teach from 8:30am-7:50pm, try to summon the energy for an evening with friends, tequila, and karaoke.
saturday: try and skype with the family, consider updating the blog, swim/snorkel/hike/laze about, go to church, sing some more karaoke or play some bridge.
sunday: hiking club and yoga in the evening, possibly head to the movies.

repeat x 15, and you've just experienced the last three months of my life. life is good, and comfortable, and quickly wrapping up. i'll be in hawaii with my parents from may 12-may 19, and back in the dc area may 20. most likely i'll be travelling in southeast asia in june, and will possibly be returning to pohnpei this summer. but, that's a big 'possibly', so i'll save the future for another post.

in the meantime, please mark your calendars - may 29th, my family is having a memorial day party in fairfax, and it would be wonderful to see as many of your lovely faces there as possible!

i've just added a few more pictures to 'pohnpei II' on facebook, and I'll direct you there for pictures. hope you enjoy!

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Kari said...

Emily! I'm so glad you got the package...when I read that you're almost done there I worried about the likelihood that it would get there in time. Thanks for the updates when they come...I love the pictures! I know what you mean about your life seeming banal now, but trust me, a few years from now you'll be missing even the most everyday details.