07 February 2009

a man without a country - kurt vonnegut

kurt vonnegut ||a man without a country || 3.5/5.0

this surprisingly short book, one of vonnegut’s last, was written in 2004. its much more of a commentary on recent politics and american society than i was expecting when i picked it up. it is of course, both funny and sad, as is the style of the author.

he jumps all over, but the meat of the book is in his criticism of george w. bush and the iraq war. mixed in are some heart-wrenching stories from his experience in dresden, and some rather hilarious one-liners on homosexuality, mathematics, and the profession of writing.

the book is clearly meant for a partisan audience, but worth a read if you fall on the blue side of things. its so short it fits onto just two audio cd’s, so put it on your list if you want to feel like you’re knocking out books by famous authors.just don’t expect too much.

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