07 February 2009

the twilight saga - stephanie meyer

stephanie meyer || the twilight saga || -4.5/5.0

did you know my rating scale goes into the negatives? neither did i, until i read the twlight series. never one to pass up a good fantasy series (see: harry potter, the lord of the rings, his dark materials, a wrinkle in time, etc.), i was pretty pumped when my good friend vpm lent me these four books. i should have known better - she loved the inauguration poem.

if you haven't read these books, please spare yourself. just pick up harry once more and revel in the world of hogwarts, a place with prose and character development thrive. twilight is wildly popular, but certainly not for its literary quality. for a hilarious list of what is most wrong about these books, i direct you to fricknits. hilarious.

granted, i did read all four books in under a week. so, meyer does have a bit of that addictive fantasy charm... though mid-fourth book, it was actually painful to continue. the laugh-out-loud quality kept me going. these books are actually that bad.

for those you have made it through the muck, the first half of meyer's unpublished (and unfinished) fifth book is available as a pdf online. apparently she was so upset by the leak that she's decided not to finish the book. its so sappy, i can't help but feel a twinge incomplete.


Marty said...

Hahaha brilliant. I almost doubted you when I saw the book cover, too.

vpm said...

sigh. i am sad that you disliked them that much. i hate to admit it, but i read the unfinished novel on meyer's website. i am guessing you have no interest in seeing the movie?

eped said...

i think this post came off a little too harsh. that's what i get for writing three in a row.

so, in the interest of full disclosure, let me clarify:

1 - so bad, they're good
2 - i'm really enjoying the unfinished novel & dreading its unconclusion
3 - of course i want to see the movie! soon?