07 February 2009

the zahir - paolo coelho

paolo coelho || the zahir || 2.5/5.0

i picked up the alchemist last year, and while i wasn't completely amazed by the book as so many were, i enjoyed the story well enough. so when a very good friend recommended the zahir as a story of finding life's meaning, i was eager to pick it up, too.

unfortunately, the zahir didn't do it for me. for one, i was a bit confused by the classification of the book. its supposed to be a work of fiction, but the book reads as an autobiography. as an autobiography, its pretty self-absorbed - and self-pitying.

i get the feeling that the book is a godsend for people that really found deep meaning in the alchemist. i guess i missed the message. if you thought that the alchemist opened your eyes to the world, i'm sure you'll enjoy the more straight-forward message of the zahir. if you're looking for another quaint parable, though, spare yourself the troubles of coelho's inner consciousness.

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