18 March 2009

moby dick - herman melville

herman melville || moby dick || 4.0/5.0

its been a while since i've posted a book review, and here's my excuse... moby dick is a freaking long book. i can't believe people read this in high school! we read a melville poem once (i had to do a presentation on it), but that was 20 lines. major points to anyone who made it through this tome as a high school student.

that said, i really enjoyed it! melville is amazing with words, and i'll add him to my shortlist of favorite classic authors. i actually found myself mid-read remarking on his use of alliteration, and that's saying something.

its pretty tough to get through, though, and i can definitely see why people skip the long didactic sections on whale phylogeny. i absolutely recommend it (if nothing, you'll get a strong sense of accomplishment!), but give yourself some time to slog through the dry parts.

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