18 March 2009

the murder of roger ackroyd - agatha christie

agatha christie || the murder of roger ackroyd || 3.5/5.0

i'm not normally much of a mystery person. in fact, i think this book brings my total of mystery books read up to two. but, such is the beauty of book clubs! they give that extra motivation to step outside of one's normal authors and genres.

christie is a quick read, which is a fun bonus, and i did enjoy the story quite a bit. unfortunately, i decided to read the back of the book mid-way through, and learned that the novel is considered "one of the most controversial" detective novels of all time. this of course made me start considering what kinds of wild endings might be in store, and i guessed the conclusion.

now that i've spoiled it the same for you (its not a real spoiler if its on the cover, right?), i'll give it a thumbs-up. if you're a mystery fan, check it out. if you'd like to try out a mystery, its a good pick. but if you're an apathetic mystery reader such as myself, this one won't change your mind.

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