16 April 2009

the strange case of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde - robert louis stevenson

robert louis stevenson || the strange case of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde || 3.5/5.0

i finished this one up a while ago and have been dragging my feet posting about it. i'm not too sure why, but it may be that it didn't strike me with much inspiration. perhaps that's because the story of jekyll and hyde is so well known that its become a colloquialism - i imagine reading the book with shock value intact would be a completely different experience.

i enjoyed it, surely, and the writing was quite good. (could it be otherwise? it is a classic, after all). having finished, there are two things that i'm struck by:

1) i wish there was a listing of incredibly short classics (this one included). there's such satisfaction in having read a classic, and i'd love to knock the easy ones out quickly and increase my read count.

2) i love exploring the many different covers of classic books. the lack of copyright means lots of publishers, and lots of publishers means plenty of choices for a cover-shot. can't go wrong with a classic design.

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