16 April 2009

yarn harlot - stephanie pearl-mcphee

stephanie pearl-mcphee || yarn harlot || 4.0/5.0

if you're a knitter, you should read this book. its pretty hilarious - just observations on the craft (she won't have you call it a hobby) and of the knitting world in general.

i particularly appreciated the short story-like setup. the book is about 200 pages and close to 40 "chapters," making for great bedtime reading or waiting-in-line reading. plus the writing is light and engaging, which ups the readability factor.

if you don't knit, it would probably still be a funny read, but probably to a much lesser effect. as someone who likes to pretend to knit (two finished projects a year doesn't really count, i don't think), i got a little bit of satisfaction simply knowing what the terms meant.

stephanie pearl-mcphee has a pretty awesome blog, too, if you'd like a taste.

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