17 May 2009

animal, vegetable, miracle - barbara kingsolver

barbara kingsolver || animal, vegetable, miracle || 4.0/5.0

animal, vegetable, miracle is a narrative chronicling kingsolver's attempt at eating solely locally for one year. as the author of the bean trees and the poisonwood bible, i know she has many fans through her career as a novelist. this non-fiction piece is as beautifully written, but is co-authored by her husband and daughter.

i really enjoyed this book, but i suspect it will please mostly readers who are interested in food ethics and sustainability issues. i recommend it either way - if you're passionate about such issues, its a fun and informative read; if you're not, she makes some compelling arguments that are worthy of consideration.

it's not for the faint of heart, though. i've been acutely aware of food sources lately - at a brewery tour in milwaukee this weekend, i was dying to ask the origin of their barley. i'm newly haunted by guilt in eating bananas, but am overly pleased to be eating rhubarb from the backyard.

i know the green movement balances on a precipice between guilt and complacency. animal, vegetable, miracle is just the right amount of guilt for me. you?

oh yes, a bonus: set in virginia. :)

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