17 May 2009

the god of small things - arundhati roy

arundhati roy || the god of small things || 2.5/5.0

the god of small things won the booker prize in 1997, and is a very lyric novel. perhaps because i was rushing through it to meet a deadline, i had a hard time loving the book.

the story centers around an indian family (specifically a pair of fraternal twins), and jumps between 1969 and the present day. focusing on the destruction of childhoods through tragedy, the novel paints a unique heartbreak for each character.

the novel owes its title to the small talk and focus on minutiae that often accompany calamity. the elephants in the room are never discussed, and the breeding alienation and malcontent shape the lives of the young twins.

in general reviews are very polarized for the god of small things. its voice is beautiful, but it wasn't my cup of tea - too ethereal, i think. but, a booker prize is a good sign - give it a shot?

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