01 August 2009

the white rice diet isn't all that it's cracked up to be

i seem to recall that somewhat recently i enjoyed my fair share of rice. i may have even considered it an important part of a balanced diet. no more.

what my host family feeds me is like a slow and grueling form of torture. dinner is almost always a hard, cold slab of tasteless white rice. if i want something to put on top, i can have the usual topping of unflavored ramen, broth, and corned beef. if i'm lucky the broth is warm and contains a few sparse slices of carrots. i'd feel like a jerk for complaining about the food if the diet didn't have me writhing in bed with dreams of a stomach virus to put me out of my misery. starving after a barely-touched dinner and an early morning run, i still lose my appetite at the sight of a white rice breakfast, though this time sided with slices of spam.

in good news, though, we move into our house in two days!

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