25 July 2009

the perks of island life

a few of the things i did yesterday on nahlap, an outer island within the breakers of pohnpei:
-read my book while overlooking the falling tide.
-snorkled and found clown fish, angel fish, sea cucumbers, eels, starfish, coral, and tropical fish more beaufiul than i've ever seen in an aquarium.
-hiked for an hour along the coast to find the breaking pacific waves and a beautiful rocky shore.
-kayaked for an hour out to an abandoned fishing boat on the sandbar.
-tasted a rainstorm while gazing at the gray heavens, then sought refuge in the warmth of the sea.
-ate peanut butter and raspberry jam.

-admired pohnpei proper from a distance on a wild speed boat ride.

it was a good day. the adventure cost us less than twenty bucks, though it cost me the health of my skin - four degrees off the equator is something to shake a stick at.

we're already dreaming of an overnight trip, and of renting a two-story thatched hut in our new favorite paradise. its hard to believe life can be this good.

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Johnald said...

sounds amazing!!